I am an Irish Artist and Designer with a BA in Visual Arts Practice & a BDES in Design Communications from IADT, Dublin graduating in 2001 and 2009. After graduating I lived and worked in Berlin and Venice working as an artist assistant & in the Venice Biennale. I have exhibited in Ireland, Germany, Italy and the UK. In 2016 I was chosen to be part of the ‘Imago Mundi' representing Ireland as part of the Luciano Benetton collection. In 2018 I was selected to be part of the Dublin Canvas project. I am a professional member of the Design & Craft Council of Ireland (DCCOI) & Visual Artists Ireland (VAI)


My painting practice is playful and experimentative and my approach layers and fuses bold vibrant colour with contrasting stripes, pattern, collage and energetic mark making. My work is visually diverse and my paintings and prints are process based and intuitive toying with the dynamic interplay of these different elements. I use multiple layers and juxtaposed shapes to create a unique, unpredictable and eclectic experience for the viewer. I like to work through various mediums with particular emphasis on painting & printmaking.